Caption this . . .

by duncanr


12 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. Just until payday, you understand…


  2. That’s him, ma’am….to my right. Clegg is the name. If you could just arrange another little road accident, like the one in Paris.


  3. Camoron is itching to give his special handshake, but HM isn’t playing.


  4. “That ghastly MI6 man of yours just pushed me out of a bloody helicopter!”


  5. HM thinks: Oh, it’s him – Hazy, I call him. Never can remember his name. Now let me try my new memory programme. Hazy…. rhymes with daisy…. ‘Don’t Eat The Daisies’….. Doris Day…. Doris…. Doris….

    “Hello Mr Johnson!”


  6. James Bond last week, now back to reality with old slimy bollocks. Anthony Eden – he was a laugh, since then they’ve all been tits.


  7. Why does this idiot think it appropriate to wear a ‘Royal Blue’ tie?


  8. I don’t think her gloves match her outfit. I find it hard to caption this photo, because I am distracted by her glove choice.


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