Curiosity’s Touchdown on Mars

by duncanr

Nasa’s Curiosity is finally due to land on Mars in a few hours time.

It’s a complicated procedure – as this animation explains


32 Comments to “Curiosity’s Touchdown on Mars”

  1. So very cool. Thanks Duncan! 😀


  2. Good one Duncan.

    The first images look a bit strange and grainy because they are from the hazard cameras down by the wheels. Also there are transparent dust caps on the lenses; these will be dropped soon. The hi-res images will come from the mast cameras over the next few days.

    NASA TV is gearing up for the next pass of MRO for a radio link.


  3. You crafty bugger, Duncan – you only posted a science article to lure Dr H out of his lab, and back into the realm of the Manic Milliners…


  4. No one asked me if I wanted to go.


  5. Band practice? I hope that’s a proper Yorkshire Brass Band! What do you play Andy?


  6. Ha! Ha! I imagined you in a uniform, playing trombone!

    Mindless boogie? I didn’t see any Quo ones there…


    • We do ‘Caroline’ and ‘Down Down’ but not on YouTube. I’ve no up to date recordings at all and the line up is flexible (there’s usually six of us now – different drummer and new guitarists to the video) so it’s hard enough to get together for a gig, never mind a full day in a studio. Want to though.

      If we get out your way sometime I’ll try to let you know, but Dewsbury or Batley is more likely.


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