William Fox-who?

by NobblySan

On Saturday, we hitched up the horse trailer and headed for Holmes Chapel in sunny Cheshire for a bit of cross-country equestrian mallarkey.

The participants were my daughter riding Billy and her friend riding Louie; with MrsN, myself and a bunch of unco-operative dogs all tagging along on foot – except for one dog who is old and knackered and got carried for a bit.

The course was 7 miles long, and this being the north of England, the beautiful sunny day turned into a torrential thunderstorm with about a mile to go. Fan-bloody-tastic!

Photos (before the deluge) can be seen here…… http://imgur.com/a/YXEx7#0


3 Comments to “William Fox-who?”

  1. Nice pics Nobbly, and beautiful countryside.

    But what do you mean by, your daughter’s friend rode “Louie, MrsN, myself and a bunch of unco-operative dogs . . .”

    Well, equitation IS expensive and I suppose you have to keep costs down (but why no photos of you galloping, or thundering around the obstacle course?) As for those poor dogs, they must have been knackered !

    Your pal, ratty.


  2. (William) Henry Fox Talbot? Maybe you’re thinking of Eadweard (yes!) Muybridge, who solved the mystery of whether all four of a horse’s legs leave the ground when it’s galloping, using photographic techniques?


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