Chinese Takeaway

by duncanr

A Chinese couple who visited a health spa with their 13yr old son are upset that a masseuse robbed him of his virginity

The first the parents knew of it was when they received the bill and queried the £20 for ‘extras’ (though the wide grin on the lad’s face after his ‘massage’ might have given them a clue)

The Spa has since apologised to the couple and offered to waive the ‘service’ charge

As an aside, it appears the lad was perfectly satisfied with the service he received

“He couldn’t believe his luck when he was shown into a cubicle where a woman was waiting and nature took its course,” said a police spokesman.


10 Comments to “Chinese Takeaway”

  1. When I was 13, I had a fantasy about wanting to dip sum Chinese girl…


  2. ‘robbed…’ It sounds more like a case of ‘fondlers, keepers’.


  3. I’m sick of reading things about immigrants trying to impose their cultures and beliefs on their host country.

    If they don’t like the way we Brits do things, then they can catch the first flight back home.


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