Calamity Clegg : The Long Goodbye

by duncanr

The Lib-Dems had a good General Election.

Even better, they held the balance of power – neither of the two major parties securing enough votes to form a government on their own.

They dithered for a while but in the end chose to support the Conservative rather than the Labour party. Things were looking rosy, the future bright. At long last they were in a position to see long-held Lib-Dem policies enacted. But then it all went wrong . . .

Clegg alienated thousands of Lib-Dem supporters by abandoning the Lib-Dem opposition to an increase in student tuition fees. As a result of this blatant betrayal of an election campaign promise, support for the Lib-Dems plummeted.

Never mind, though, this betrayal of those who voted for them could perhaps be forgiven if the party used its period in government to secure some long-cherished Lib Dem political policies, e.g., proportional representation? Nope, sorry, Clegg f*cked that one up!

Reform of the House of Lords ? Oh dear, Clegg has just announced he’s been shafted by David Cameron – the Tory leader declaring the Conservatives have abandoned any attempt to reform the House of Lords in this Parliamentary session.

To sum up then, Clegg chose to align the Lib-Dems with the Conservative party, enabling the latter to form the government. And he did this for bugger all in return – no proportional representation, no reform of the House of Lords – and for good measure he pissed of lots of people who voted lib-dem by his about face on student fees.

Anyone seriously think lib-dem politicians want to fight the next General Election with Calamity Clegg still their leader ?


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