Facebook Refuseniks Suspicious

by duncanr

These days it seems every man and his dog (except Nobbly) is on Facebook.

So intrusive has Facebook become in our lives (apart from Nobbly) that employers are increasingly checking an applicant’s facebook account prior to making any job offer.

Now comes a report that indiscreet comments and embarrassing photos posted on Facebook are not the only thing that might turn a potential employer against you. If you’re not on Facebook (that’s you, Nobbly) then that itself is something employers regard as ‘suspicious’ – being a sign that you are a miserable git (that’s Nobbly all right) socially inept, have no friends, and therefore not likely to work well in a team setting or worse – you have something to hide ! Some psychologists have even suggested not being on Facebook may be a sign of a psychopath (because a couple of recent mass murderers were not on Facebook)


Hhmmm, according to this logic because some pedophiles have Facebook accounts, someone who is on Facebook is a potential pedophile ?


4 Comments to “Facebook Refuseniks Suspicious”

  1. I withdraw my comment about having the body of an olympic athlete stashed in the cellar.


  2. Ahhhh…… the link is to the Daily Wail. I knew it was all bollocks.


  3. OK…OK…. it’s not all bollocks. Just Duncan’s spelling.


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