I’ve Got Alzheimer’s

by duncanr

I got a Facebook friend request from youngest grandson yesterday. When I looked at his profile I was astonished to find he was married

Several things went through my mind

B*stard !

Didn’t invite me to his f*cken wedding and now the gobshite wants to be my friend ?

F*cken nerve !

His marriage wasn’t the only thing he’d kept secret from me. According to his FB profile, he’d . . .gone to college in London, lived in New York for a few years, and was working for a firm of chartered accountants

Then I thought, hang on a moment. O.K. I admit I wasn’t the best grandad in the world but I surely wasn’t the worst ? Why would he have cut me out of his life? Then it hit me. He hadn’t. I just couldn’t remember.

I’ve got Alzheimer’s !!!

How else to explain the mismatch between the well-educated, well-travelled, married accountant on FB and my most recent memory of him as a 9 yr old kid ?


21 Comments to “I’ve Got Alzheimer’s”

  1. Married grandchildren?

    You old bastard.


  2. Obviously the kids need to visit more often.


  3. I was going to leave a comment, but I’ve forgotten what about.


  4. Well perhaps you should give the !!! back to Alzheimer?


  5. I think hes also nicked Alzheimers apostrophes…


  6. actually im missing some 2 and some capitals


  7. duca should stop ow o more i say


  8. . . . / – – – / . . .


  9. See you next Tuesday.


  10. You’re old. It happens.


  11. Oh, just leave it as “you’re old, it happens” – that was much better anyway!


  12. Next thing you know, you’ll be a great-grandad!


  13. Wow great grandad! Time does fly by. I hope it was just a brain glitch and not Alzheimer’s. I have been visiting people with Dementia lately and it is a very difficult diagnosis.


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