Make Mine a Double

by duncanr

drunk men

A busy day at the office

Now here’s a piece of research I can get behind

Boozy workers means better workers

Seems tipsy workers, finding it hard to focus on the job at hand will come up with new easier ways to get things done

So if you want to promote innovative, creative thinking in your workforce install a bar in the canteen !

P.S. now we know how the invention of the mouse and touchscreens came about


5 Comments to “Make Mine a Double”

  1. When I was working in the UK, we would break off at lunchtime and visit the bar of the local Band Club, or “The Mousetrap,” as we refered to it (it never closed.)

    It was there that all the big Company decisions were made. Unfortunately we never made it back to work in time to implement any of them.


    • …the big Company decisions…

      Like “Letsh inshtall a jac.. a jack… a hot tub in the typishtsh pool… jacushi, pool… ha! ha! ha!”?


  2. These Russian office workers demonstrate creative team building through artistic expression

    (was alcohol involved?)


  3. “Silicon Valley, one of the last workplaces in America where hard and soft drinks still jostle for space in the company fridge.”

    Don’t make me laugh! Silicon Valley, in the heart of MARIJUANALAND? It’s ‘the herb’ that produces all this creativity, not the brain-shrinking poison alcohol. Just more propaganda from the booze industry – wouldn’t mind betting that the “psychologists at the University of Illinois” are funded by one of the major alcoholic drinks companies.


    • What do you mean? – “brain-shrinking poison alcohol.”

      Boys and girls, come out to play.

      Back that comment up, if you can !

      Ring a ring of roses.

      Cooooming Mum-my.


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