Barry Bucknell : F*cken D.I.Y.

by duncanr

barry bucknellWhen I told a friend about my accident the other day (see Curtain Fall) she unkindly suggested I get a Barry Bucknell DIY Video.

Who’s Barry Bucknell, you ask?

That’s him to the left there

You can’t turn a TV on these days without being swamped by DIY programmes. Barry Bucknell hosted one of the original such shows on the BBC way back in the 1950’s (ratty will remember him). Here’s a rare clip I found on Youtube where Barry demonstrates how to re-upholster a chair

P.S. the language is NSFW so stop here if you are easily offended or are watching this at work or with kids nearby. Otherwise, click the read more tab to view the vid


3 Comments to “Barry Bucknell : F*cken D.I.Y.”

  1. Here’s one for the upmarket DIYer, which unless my eyes deceive me, was produced by a bearded old scottish git who is fond of Americanisms:


  2. That’s hilarious! Reminds me of the fact that–though you can say “bastard”, “bitch”, “son of a bitch”, and “up your ass” on American television–you still can’t say “shit”!


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