Tattooed Arseholes

by duncanr


This is the new ‘in-thing’ – having your arsehole tattooed ?

O.K. guys – a question for you. If you were going to have a tattoo centred on your arsehole, what would you choose ?


16 Comments to “Tattooed Arseholes”

  1. Could you have an arsehole tattooed on your arsehole?


    • Speaking of arseholes, I can think of any number of politicians who’s face could aptly adorn my bum – if I should choose to have a tattoo there – since they all talk shite


  2. FFS! What next?


  3. Oh, that’s weird! But if I had a gun pointed at my head (which is the only way to get me to do that), I’d get a tattoo of a splattered brown patch–so that if I really shit my pants, no one could tell it was real!


  4. Tattoo some poop and then she won’t have to wipe ever again.


  5. An inverted chocolate sauce bottle.


  6. What do you think of having a “W” tattood on each bum cheek so that when that person bends over, it reads “WoW”?

    A friend of mine wants to know, you understand.


  7. essex? how do you do that? sounds very high tech…


  8. Whilst I admit the idea of having ratty’s face tattooed on my arsehole did give me a thrill for a few seconds, I overcame the temptation ( by supreme effort of will won’t can’t ), and in the same instant realised what I really would like, is my arsehole tattooed on Binyamin Netanyahu’s face.


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