Eric’s Final Confession

by duncanr

Eric McLean has been battling cancer for 10 years

In June 2009, he posted on Youtube the 1st of 106 videos (Confessions) documenting the progress of his fight against leukemia (see here –

He has now reached the end of the road and has started hospice care. In this, his final video, posted 14th Aug, he says goodbye and thanks to all who have loved and supported him


18 Comments to “Eric’s Final Confession”

  1. Eric, Praying that you will believe in Jesus Christ as your savior, repent of your sins and turn to him and he will welcome you home with open arms.


    • It seems that Eric has fought bravely to survive this debilitating, painful illness for almost 10 years, with the love and support of his family and friends. He seems like a lovely guy to me, and I pity, yet admire, him. I didn’t hear him mention Jesus once, and ‘god’ only as an expletive.

      Who are you to comment on his character, and assume that he has done wrong? Why would he suddenly, as death looms, want to seek solace in something he evidently doesn’t subscribe to or believe in?

      Your ‘savior’ didn’t save him from 10 years of awful suffering.


      • Bravo, stickybud*, for that. I wanted to say something along similar lines. But it pissed me off so much that I decided to ignore it, rather than go into a rant.


    • Cut the religious sales shit will you, please?

      The bloke is honest, earnest and dying, and all you can think of is trying to flog your selfish superstitious mumbo-jumbo to him.

      Your type really make my skin crawl.


      • Especially when it’s flogged to defenceless 5-year-olds in school religion classes. My 10 year-old still gets an occasional panic attack about death and dying courtesy of those people.


  2. It’s OK. I can imagine:
    “副 是;回答肯定时皆用此字…???…!!!” thought ratty out loud in public.
    “What the fucking hell is this ‘god’ bullshit?” translated allesklar kindly.
    “定时皆用此字…副 是;回答肯” said ratty charitably, reclining on his chase long chaste blond couch.
    “Your a fucken dickhead allesklar!” translated allesklar accurately…


  3. Those are the type of people that when they rattle your gate, and you peep through the curtains to spot someone with books under their arm with a meaningful look on their face (they’re so darn obvious aren’t they – they’re like a different species to us!!), you gently release the curtain and slink away …. pretending you’re not at home!!


  4. Stickybud I don’t think Melissa was actually saying that he had done anything wrong. I think we all carry a certain amount of sin around with us and I personally have known two people who never set foot in a church for years, but… when their time came they were greatful for prayers said for them and I personally hope that it benefitted them. My father was one of them. He knew he was dieing too and asked that The Sinners prayer be said for him. We all have a different perspective on “the end”. He was an adulterer and not great shakes as a dad either but there you have it. He was just glad to offload it after all those years. I’m not an over the top religious nut but I think that there is a certain solace to be had from believing. I hope I’m going somewhere good as I’d like to see my own husband again. I hold on to that thought. I think without it I’d be sacred shitless too. I hope Eric’s passing will not be traumatic and that he leaves this earth peacefully with is loving family around him. He’s just too young to die.

    It’s ok guys I won’t be knocking at your door anytime soon.


  5. It certainly is NobblySan lol.


  6. By the way, what exactly was he confessing? All I heard was indeed a very frightened young man saying a tearful goodbye to his wonderful wife and those he loved dearly. When I see such things I still have many question. Is THIS part of the plan? Why do children die, what did they do to deserve their pain and suffering. It’s such and enigma isn’t it?


  7. The greatest enigma for me is…. why are all the comments in bold type? It’s as if we’re all a bit deaf and shouting at each other.


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