Poo Sticks

by duncanr

The Normans who invaded England in the early 11th century called it a shit hole and the name has stuck

But now the shits who live there have a dubious honour to brag about. No longer No 2, Shitterton (located in the Piddle Valley) has beaten off stern competition from the likes of Golden Balls to claim the title of the UK’s most embarrassing place name – followed closely behind by Scratchy Bottom, and in turd place, Brokenwind

More here – http://tinyurl.com/cwp2z97

[thanks to Stickybud for the heads up]


4 Comments to “Poo Sticks”

  1. Piddle Water
    An entrepreneur took over a brewery/bottling plant in Wareham in Dorset, UK, and used it to bottle water from the River Piddle, marketing the product as ‘Piddle Water’.



  2. I wonder if it was a location for evacuation in WW2?


  3. [thanks to Stickybud for the heads up]

    Ha! Ha! Just noticed that, Duncs – was that intentional? (Head being the naval term for toilet)


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