Nessie Visits Skegness

by duncanr

“Bugger Bognor” are reputed to be the words spoken by King George V on his death bed in response to his doctor’s suggestion that the brisk sea air of Bognor might do him some good.

In 2008, the current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, expressed a similar opinion on the appeal of Skegness as a holiday location when he said ‘Stuff Skegness my trunks and I are off to the sun”

But while Skegness might not be to Boris’s taste, Nessie seems to like it fine. Perhaps fed up with . . . the paparazzi stalking her 24 hrs a day, every day of the week, the shy wee lass has left her heiland hame and is having a few weeks away from it all at Skegness


4 Comments to “Nessie Visits Skegness”

  1. It’s hard to see where the sky ends and the sea begins. I realise the sea is pretty much the same colour as sky in Skegness, but are you quite sure those black specs in the middle weren’t seabirds flying about ready to dive on any little fishies they could see below?


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