This Lady’s got Balls

by duncanr

You’re a 21 yr old female out hiking in the Wyoming mountains with a friend. You fall and break your ankle and are left stranded alone on the mountainside in the dark, at night, while your companion goes to find help. What do you do?

Well, if you’re Alexandra ‘Lexi’ De Forest you use camera phone to record a video diary of your ordeal

Full story here –


12 Comments to “This Lady’s got Balls”

  1. What a whining airhead. If she’d been wearing a decent pair of walking boots, rather the latest, overpriced flash trainers, she might not have got into this situation.


  2. I like how she wonders about bears sitting there with a broken foot in the dark. There are a lot of Grizzly Bears in the mountains of Wyoming.


  3. Nice teeth.

    American teeth.

    Not like us Brits with piano keyboards – *Sigh*


  4. I haven’t got kiwis…??? Haven’t got piano keyboards, either – can’t play a note.


  5. “This Lady’s Got Balls”

    No, Duncan, she has a vagina. I’m sure if she had an option, she would choose to keep her vagina (not grow a pair of balls).


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