Rep. Todd Akin : Legitimate Rape & Pregnancy

by duncanr

toss akinWell, you live and learn, so they say !

Hee’s something I didn’t know.

According to Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri, women who are victims of legitimate rape rarely become pregnant because (some doctor friends have told him) women have natural biological defenses to prevent pregnancy

Hhmmm, ‘Legitimate’ rape?

Is Todd suggesting some rapes are permissible?

Or does he mean ‘legitimate’ in the sense of ‘real’ rapes as opposed to false accusations of rape?

Should not the interviewer . . .have sought some clarification as to what Todd meant by ‘legitimate’ rape?

These ‘natural’ defenses against a rapists semen – where is the evidence on which this claim is based? Should not the interviewer have pressed Todd to back up this claim with some solid evidence ?

According to the American Journal of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ‘an estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year’. It would seem, these 32,101 women are lying about being raped. How else to explain their pregnancy if Todd is right about the female body having a natural defense against being impregnated by a rapist ?

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5 Responses to “Rep. Todd Akin : Legitimate Rape & Pregnancy”

  1. “legitimate” rape

    Let’s think about this some more. It seems to me, with the country in such a dire economic state, the Government is missing an opportunity here to kickstart the economy

    Why not regulate rape? Have potential rapist present themselves for a full medical check-up. Those who are free of any STD’s can then apply for an Official ‘permit’ to rape. [There will be a hefty fee to pay for such a licence, of course.]

    These ‘Legitimate’ rapist would then be free to go forth and rape and if challenged by the police need only produce their Home Office Licence to verify their status as legitimate rapists and escape prosecution. All non-permit holder rapists caught by the police, on the other hand, will be subject to a good ‘going-over’ at the police station before receiving a stiff custodial sentence

    As in fishing or grouse shooting, certain areas would be set aside for rapists to operate and a close season when rapes are off-limit would need to be agreed upon, and perhaps a quota system introduced also, i.e., a limit on the number of women licenced rapists can attack during the season – but these are small details that can be hammered out in discussions with interested parties


  2. P.S. for another take on this story, go check out the guys over at ‘Restoring Truthiness” – click on the Trackback to this post


  3. Umm… unless my Physiology professor was withholding information, I highly doubt a woman’s body has such a defense mechanism.



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