Communications Capabilities Development Programme

by duncanr

government spyingIn February 2012, the coalition government – [in the UK]- announced plans to require communications service providers (everyone from ISPs to social networks) to intercept and collect everybody’s communications data just in case it’s needed later in an investigation. Called by its new name, the Communications Capabilities Development Programme, this initiative was announced in the Queen’s Speech in May 2012 and will likely be introduced to parliament as the Communications Data Bill.”

In forming the coalition government in 2010, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats promised . . .“to end the storage of Internet and email records without good reason”. Now, less than two years later, they propose to adopt exactly the policy they opposed then by reinstating the Interception Modernisation Programme

The data to be intercepted and stored would include websites visited, the names of email, instant messaging correspondents, or lists of social networking “friends”, and the time, size, and length of Internet phone calls. (

The Government has invited public comment on their proposals. If you see these proposals as a gross intrusion of your privacy, sign the online petition here –

[thanks to stickybud* for drawing petition to my attention]


9 Comments to “Communications Capabilities Development Programme”

  1. Yeh, right, that’ll do it. Sign the petition. Problem over. Thank God for democracy where the government are merely representatives of the people and do their bidding, eh? Whew !

    Now, what happened to that referendum on Europe? Oh, I see – still in the pipeline. Fuck off !!!!!! Fuck off !!!!!! Fuck off !!!!!!

    Think I’ll stay where I am for a little bit longer.


  2. BCC News: Heading today’s news the Mockunications Sinister has confirmed that an internet user who posted a joke about mockunications will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He said jokes were a serious threat, and authorities would encourage mockunicators to remain deadly serious so that authorities can identify them. – APE Rooter.


  3. Any government that fears the population shouldn’t be in power.


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