Shame that Dog

by duncanr

Every one who shares their home with a dog knows there are times when their behaviour leaves something to be desired. A new website invites folk to name and shame their dog by submitting a photograph of the culprit with details of their ‘crime’ –

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6 Comments to “Shame that Dog”

  1. They baited him…that’s entrapment.


  2. I’m sure that will be a big deterrent for those errant canines.


  3. Caught in the act the plate didn’t even move.


  4. I have a cat that is extremely intelligent … he will attract my attention by “kissing” me and nibbling my cheek while the paw is busy scratching what he wants off the cupboard – he forgets that a piece of rump steak goes “splat” when it hits the floor!!


  5. My dog Tillie looks at me like I ate HER dinner lol


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