1st Man on the Moon Dies

by duncanr

neil armstrongNeil Armstrong, the 1st man to walk on the moon –

One small step for Man, a giant leap for Mankind

died last night, aged 82 yrs.

Cause of death, according to his family, was complications from cardiovascular procedures (he had heart surgery earlier this month).

He is survived by his wife, two sons, a stepson, a stepdaughter, 10 grandchildren, and a brother and sister.

Read Obituary here – http://tinyurl.com/d7amtqu


13 Comments to “1st Man on the Moon Dies”

  1. …taking his secret with him.


  2. If he had a secret, then plenty of others will know it as well.

    Maybe they’ll all have a heart condition in their 80s and die of ‘complications’.


  3. I bet plenty of them have already popped their clogs….


  4. Well there’s the proof – if God had meant man to walk on the moon…


  5. I met Charlie Duke, the 10th man to walk on the moon’s surface. In his retirement be became a motivational speaker and he was visiting The Richmond Temple in Melbourne. Forget the footy greats!!!! As if landing on the moon wasn’t inspirational enough Charlie and his wife could keep you spell bound for hours. These guys are so inspirational. I could listen to them all day. RIP Neil I’m sure they’ll bury you along with some ” MoonDust “.


  6. “First man on the moon dies”

    …. but the last man back has to buy the drinks at the funeral.


  7. I signed the Official Secret’s Act at the time. But to hell with it, it’s time for the truth to come out.

    The whole thing was shot in a St. Austell clay pit at 3.00 in the morning, featuring an old stripped down, gold spray-painted Mini and some guy wearing a suit, borrowed from the local abattoir, jumping around the place on a po-go stick.

    My part in it? I got a fiver for the rental of my goldfish bowl.

    Wow, I feel better now that’s out !


  8. The truth? i’ve heard it always comes out the end…


  9. I knew the clot’d cream his pants telling that one – must have been pasties bedtime. Who’s a wan Kernow?


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