Jesus was Here

by duncanr

[pic via B&P]


7 Comments to “Jesus was Here”

  1. If only lolol


  2. I’ve always had this amazing ability to turn wine into water.

    (Beer, too. Spirits take a little longer)


  3. He should have marketed that shit.


    • Plenty of other shit has been marketed under his brand name, so why not.

      I suppose the major vintners would be highly pissed off, and take out an injunction against it. I suppose the government would also have to find a way to tax water that is likely to be used for conversion into wine.


  4. I wonder what the supermarket would have made of JC turning up to screw up their stock control system?

    I suppose they’d have to open a Lepers Only lane at the checkout to stop them using the self-service terminals.

    “Unexpected item in the bagging area”

    “Oh, sorry, that’s part of my hand, Can you clear the error for me?”


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