It Stained my Knickers Blue

by duncanr

The following Customer reviews of a product marketed specifically for women were posted to Amazon


Despite the hype, and the colour, and the talk of buttons moving in and out, this was the worst dildo ever

*Doesn’t work very well*

“I tried these on a whim and I have to say I wasn’t very impressed. The applicator mechanism is far too fiddly, and the plastic tampon inside far too thin (not to mention uncomfortable and non-absorbent). I’m sure therre must be a knack to using them but I couldn’t find it. They also stained my knickers blue for some reason. I really wanted to like these but it’s back to pads for me”

Click link to see what they were referring to –


6 Comments to “It Stained my Knickers Blue”

  1. Very funny. I wonder if the person who wrote them all is male or female, and what colour their keyboard is?


  2. And your ballpoint is…?


  3. Probably some bloody nosey Parker.


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