Jolie Lookalike Raped Taxi Driver

by duncanr

A romanian taxi-driver is recovering from knife wounds after refusing to have sex with an Angelina Jolie lookalike

Nicolae Stan, 34, helped carry 30 yr old Luminita Perijoc’s bags up to her apartment after giving her a lift in his cab.

Once there, she asked him to make love to her. When he refused, she produced a knife and ordered him to undress and have sex.

When she demanded he make love to her a second time, the cabbie again refused, but was forced to perform oral sex on her.

An aggrieved Nicolae complained afterwards that she still stabbed him anyway.

He eventually escaped by barricading himself in the bedroom and calling the police

At least that’s the story he told the police and his wife !

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3 Comments to “Jolie Lookalike Raped Taxi Driver”

  1. More likely story…they had sex and then she found out he was married.


  2. He probably didn’t want to because she as too many jagged edges lol


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