Haka for the Fallen

by duncanr

Soldiers of 2/1 RNZIR Battalion perform a haka for a fallen colleague

via B&P


6 Comments to “Haka for the Fallen”

  1. That’s possibly the most moving clip I’ve seen for ages.

    Full marks to the kiwis for keeping old ways and traditions alive.


  2. I’m going to send this to my brother on 19th September, the 39th anniversary of our brother dying in Germany in his Army Air Corps Sioux.


    • I only know you through this blog, stickybud, and you come across as a really nice guy. I feel sad to think that you have had something so tragic happen in your life.



      • Having ratty know you is indeed tragic.


      • Thanks, mate. I had just turned 20, and ‘Titch’ was soon to have his 30th. He’d joined up 10 years before, together with another brother (there was a few of us), going into the tanks. He had always wanted to fly, and had intended to join the RAF, but I understand that our old man wouldn’t sign the papers. I don’t why he then decided to join the army 3 or 4 years later. After serving in Borneo and Germany, he transferred to the AAC and got to realise his dream. He was a bit of a hero to all of us, so we were understandably well cut-up. I was in the front room with the brother who had also joined the tanks, but was no longer serving, when someone knocked at the door (no hall – the door led into the room). There was a copper standing there. He came in and told us the awful news (we learned later that they had flown into power cables when on exercise, doing low-level manoeuvres. Apparently, these were not much above tree-level, as an environmental consideration). Then the two of us had to go in and tell our mother, who had lost my dad three years before. Not an easy thing to do.
        That clip brought tears to my eyes. My brother in France, who I’m sending it to, is only 20 months older than me, and was pretty close to Titch. He was cut up about not being able to get to the funeral in Germany. The rest of us all went, and his mates were salt of the earth. If the British Army did Hakas, they would have given him a hell of a send-off.


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