Justice – South Africa Style

by duncanr

“Lonmin” is the world’s third largest producer of platinum. Workers at the South African mine have been on strike for better wages and conditions.

On Aug 16, South African police shot dead 34 miners during a violent demonstration and arrested 270 others.

lonmin striking miners shot dead

No police officer has yet been charged with any offense. Instead, the 270 miners arrested have been charged with the murder of their comrades. I guess you need to be South African to understand that logic !

Source – http://tinyurl.com/c2h7xc7

3 Comments to “Justice – South Africa Style”

  1. There was video footage on Australian TV news a few days ago. Police claim armed miners were charging at them.


  2. The rights (if any can be found…), wrongs and actual circumstances of the killings may never be known, but the use of the ‘common purpose’ law (hated from its use in the days of apartheid) can surely do nothing but harm in this volatile situation.


    • Hmmm… Having googled common purpose I understand… I guess the ‘international community’ is now entitled to step in, provide rocket launchers and heavy machine guns to the freedom fighters, declare a no-fly zone, and demand the government step down?


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