August’s Top Gun is . . .

by duncanr

The popularity of Madhatters with visitors is as much due to the folk that leave comments as it is to the posts we put up

To recognise the important contribution commentators make to the success of Madhatters, we are going to give the folk who submit the most comments (the High Flyers) a big shout out each month

Click the Read More tab to see who were August’s High Flyers . . .

August’s ‘top gun’ with most comments submitted was Stickybud

followed in 2nd place by Alesklar

As top gun commentator, Stickybud is awarded the much sought after asterisk “*” to be pinned after his username when submitting comments.

Can he hang on to that asterisk?

Will he be top of the High Flyer leader Board at the end of Sep?

Or will Alesklar wrest that asterisk off him?

Watch this space !


9 Comments to “August’s Top Gun is . . .”

  1. Congratulations stickybud** on thy secon’ star, bur rememba, ah knew theur when theur ‘ed nowt!


  2. ratty who?


  3. Sorry, what I meant was:

    ratty who?


  4. I imagine that was filmed just prior to his being decapitated for blasphemy.


  5. Comment stuffing!!


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