The Rising Popularity of Assholes

by duncanr

Geoffrey Nunberg, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley School of Information has written a book tracing the origin and usage of the word ‘asshole’ as a derogatory term to describe someone.

Asshole is, of course, the american form of the UK english word arsehole. We, it seems, have been calling folk ‘fucken arseholes‘ since 1865. The americans, on the other hand, were late to discover the usefulness of the term -‘asshole‘ first appearing in print in 1965.

While it did not . . .appear in print until 1965, american soldiers during World War II often used the word ‘asshole’ to describe certain officers. According to Nunberg, however, ‘asshole‘ didn’t really become popular amongst the general public in the USA until the 1970’s, when feminists started using it to describe men

In other words, women are responsible for the number of assholes in the USA! 😆


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