Kidney Wanted for Wife

by duncanr

William and Jimmy Sue Swilling have been married for 56 years but now . . .

Sue was born with only one kidney, and now that is failing

No one amongst family or friends is a match. Desperate to save her life, William is walking the streets with a sandwich board asking strangers if they would be willing to donate a kidney to his wife, should they prove to be a match

Full story and video here –


7 Comments to “Kidney Wanted for Wife”

  1. I hope they can find a donor.


  2. Good luck to them. Apparently 1 in 1200 people are born with only one kidney.
    It makes me wonder about the ethics of volunteering to donate organs after you die, versus some kind of mandatory programme with opt out options for religious reasons.


    • I’m in favour of an opt out scheme whereby an individual’s organs are available for transplant unless they specifically choose not to. Too often, even if an individual elects to donate their organs after death, carries a card to alert doctors to their wishes, and has discussed the matter with relatives, their wishes are over-ruled by next of kin


  3. I’ve already made for the provision that, on my death, my body will be donated to Science.

    However, Science are contesting the will.


  4. I think he’s pushing peoples generosity to the limit. He might find people are more responsive if he lowers his aim a bit to, say, “Bag of Chips” or “Packet of biscuits.” Nobody wants to see someone go hungry, but let’s be realistic, what with the price of meat these days.


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