Positive vibes required

by NobblySan

Last Saturday we took the dogs to a local country park for a walk. It’s one of their favourite places.

However, last Saturday turned out rather shitty. Our little, rather ancient, Tibetan Spaniel who has just recovered from a serious renal failure, was about 20 yards ahead of us, and had wandered up to two couples and their dogs. I heard him yap, and saw him jump up at a large chocolate labrador – nothing nasty, just jumping about and yapping.

“Cobblers” thought I, “I’d better get him before he makes a nuisance of himself”, and I started to run down the path towards them.

Just then, I saw the bloke who owned the lab stride forwards and kick our dog so hard he took off and landed a few yards away.

The most intelligent thing I could think to shout as I started to sprint rather than jog was “Oi!”, to which the thug responded “Sort your fucking dog out!”.

To cut a long story short, the poor wee sod has got two broken ribs,  bleeding on one lung, and liver damage. The ribs and lung are on the mend, but….

We find out tomorrow whether or not the liver damage is a death sentence.




13 Comments to “Positive vibes required”

  1. I don’t think I have words to describe how appalled I am. That man shouldn’t be allowed to be an animal owner. Thoughts and prayers for your wee pooch Nobbly 😦


  2. Oooooh….I’d like to get my hands on that jackass.


  3. That is really terrible. I hope your dog makes a full recovery. And that other idiot owner should be taken care of. . .


  4. I hope your doggie recovers ..

    Please don’t let your furbaby off the leash. That dude was awful, but it is your responsibility to keep your furbaby safely on a leash away from the likes of that asshat.

    I’m really sorry it happened to your doggie.


  5. Unfortunately God won’t punish the thug, but it’s probably only a matter of time before he comes across a dog owner bigger and nastier than himself


  6. Hope you get some better news today, Nobbly !


  7. I hope you get good news today. I would have been shocked beyonds words myself. I can’t believe another person would kick someone elses dog let alone their own dog. Very Sad! Hope your pup is OK.


  8. That’s bloody appalling !

    I hope your dog is going to be ok, nobbly.

    . . . and shame on the ‘grumble and grunt’ that kicked him.


  9. The dog lives!

    The dog lives!

    His liver problem has been diagnosed as being due to the severe trauma of the kicking, and as such, a short term problem rather than lasting damage.

    Our vet sought the opinion of a friend in a path lab, who said that such high readings as his were usually due to the trauma caused by an RTA – such was the severity and force of the kick that the bastard delivered to him.

    He’s back home again, and still on serious painkillers, but the prognosis is good.


  10. Want the bastard taken out…?


  11. I’m glad to read that the dog lives! That is good news.


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