Charity Begins at Home

by duncanr

Save The Children, which has hitherto devoted most of it’s charitable work to helping starving kids in Africa has launched a new campaign – entitled, It Shouldn’t Happen Here – to raise £500,000 to help starving kids in the UK.

It is the 1st time, the charity has directed it’s attention to the needs of children at home.

The Charity blames the poor economic health of the UK, and Government measures that have placed a dis-proportionally heavy burden on the shoulders of the less affluent members of society, for forcing more and more families into poverty.

This follows an earlier warning by Oxfam that cuts and rising living costs were threatening to return the UK to levels of inequality not seen since Victorian times.

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It goes without saying, of course, that Save the Children’s new campaign has been criticized (by ruling politicians) for being overtly political

Well, there’s a surprise !


10 Comments to “Charity Begins at Home”

  1. I’d have no problem giving to this charity providing the monies raised go to working families being taxed out of existence. I know a number of single parent. unemployed families who have big flat screen tvs, blueray dvd players and games systems.

    I think a large part of the issue here is that working people on low wages need tax breaks to make it viable to work and not be worse off than those who dont work.


  2. Personally, I’m all in favour of tax breaks for Engineering Project Managers who are being taxed out of existence on their main job, and then forced to pay half of next year’s tax up front on their second income as a freelance design consultant.

    Honestly – some of these people can’t even afford to buy their own round, and are forced to sponge off their mates.

    Hiya, ratty, mate…. I’m sorry, I’m just off to the bogs. Mine’s a pint of Flatley’s old gutstretcher XXX if you’re going to the bar. Cheers!


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