Chinese Headcount Identifies Quads

by duncanr

chinese quadrupletsEven their father had difficulty telling them apart

Sometimes he would punish the second one for the third one’s mistake.”

But no more, now that the mother has given them distinctive haircuts

[Which is good news for No.2 son, not so good for No.3]

Full story here –


5 Comments to “Chinese Headcount Identifies Quads”

  1. You could fuckin dress them different


    • I hate seeing twins, triplets etc, dressed alike.

      It’s pure vanity on the part of the parents – treating the kids as a single entity for the purpose of attracting attention, rather than as individuals.

      the same goes for names.

      We know a couple who had twin girls and called them Jade and Amber. Oooh, very clever – aren’t we witty; such a startling command of language and wordplay. They then went on to churn out two more sprogs; the first of which was given the obnoxious name of Red, with the later equally unfortunate sibling being called Blue. Fucking ridiculous.

      Don’t ask me whether they are boys or girls because I don’t know.

      Rant ends.


  2. ^ This ^

    My real name is Tweedle Dee, and I agree with Nobbly.


  3. . . . and what about Nicole Kidman naming her daughter Sunday Roast ?


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