The Problems of Being a Short-Arse

by duncanr

tall and short peopleNow I’m not saying that Nobbly is a jealous, conniving liar

Nor that he’s overly aggressive and domineering in order to compensate for his small stature.

It’s these guys . . .


17 Comments to “The Problems of Being a Short-Arse”

  1. I know several six-footers, at least two of whom could easily walk under a snake’s belly wearing a top hat.

    The six-footers, I mean, not the snake wearing a top hat.


    Fucked that up, didn’t I !


  2. Height prejudice raises its ugly head once again!


  3. I’m average height, but that extra six inches of blue vein and muscle puts me in the Gentlemen’s League.


  4. Short people are smarter and live longer…


  5. This should put things into persepective…..


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