Flight of the Flamingos

by duncanr

Some folk have gnomes in their garden. Sixty-eight year old Arthur O’Neil of Mansfield, Massachusets has a flock of Pink Flamingos

Or, rather, he had a flock of pink flamingos – until some thieving toerags nicked them.

Mr O’Neil used to dress the flamingos up to mark special occasions and says the displays were . . .well-liked by neighbours and visitors who travelled to see them. But this summer, thieves started stealing them. He has replaced them several times but the thieves keep taking them.

Now they have returned one of the flamingos to him with a ransom note scrawled on it’s side . . .

We have the flamingos….
If you ever want to see Arturo and his friends again, call [this number]

Despite being able to give the police photographs of the kidnappers caught on his surveillance cameras, they have not been able to apprehend the villains.

Ahem, I’m no Sherlock Holmes but the fact the kidnappers know the name of one of the stolen flamingos somewhat narrows the list of suspects, don’t you think?

Meantime, Mr O’Neil is not happy, those who liked his flamingo displays are not happy. The only people who are happy are the kidnappers who are apparently doing it for a laugh, and the retailer who is doing a roaring trade supplying Mr O’Neil with flamingos to replace those repeatedly stolen.

Er, just a thought, Mr O’Neil, but have you tried putting some small barely visible identifying mark on the bottom of your flamingos – just in case you’re buying your own flamingos back again?

[I’m not the only one with a devious mind, you know!]

Full story (and Video) here – http://tinyurl.com/9cwfyz2


3 Comments to “Flight of the Flamingos”

  1. I think he needs to put small electrodes on the flamingos, you know, as a shocking surprise for the thieves…


  2. Wouldn’t that be cruel to the flamingos?


  3. Flamingos always bring out the worst in people.


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