Men Prefer Brains to Big Boobs

by duncanr

Some researchers claim that in societies where there is marked gender inequality, i.e., women are subservient to men, the traits men find attractive in a woman are a pretty face and big tits, whereas women place a higher priority on a man’s wealth than his looks. These preferences are explained in terms of evolutionary theory – pretty face and curvy figure a sign of fertility (really?), and wealth a sign that the man is able to provide for a woman and her children

They also claim that . . . as gender inequality disappears, so too will these preferences. And they have some results to support this hypothesis.

See –

There is greater gender equality in the UK than in many other countries (16th in the Gender Gap Index). For example, according to one survey, there are 1.4million men in the UK whose main role is to be the primary carer for their children. Additionally, there are apparently 62,000 men classified as ‘economically inactive’ (aka lazy buggers) – though far less than in countries like Iceland and Sweden

The researchers surveyed 12,000 people in more than 30 countries and found in those with relatively high gender equality, such as the UK and Sweden, men (aka lying bastards) reportedly valued intelligence rather than beauty in a woman, whereas women (aka lying bastards) valued a man’s looks more than his wealth. This contrasted with the results from countries with low gender equality, where the men preferred the women with big tits over those with a brain, and women preferred an ugly rich man over a handsome poor man

All very nice and in accord with the researchers initial hypothesis. Except . . . well far be it for me to throw a spanner into the works, but I would suggest taking these results with a bucketload of salt. Survey results are a notoriously ‘weak’ research tool, since respondents often give what they believe to be the socially-accepted answer rather than their true belief. Men from countries with high gender equality who report they value intelligence more than beauty in a woman may simply be giving what they think to be the ‘politically-correct’ response – in order not to be thought badly of. Whereas those in countries where there is low gender equality tell the truth because they don’t give a shit what women think !


2 Comments to “Men Prefer Brains to Big Boobs”

  1. ratty is a poor, ugly, unintelligent man who likes small-titted women.

    My life’s a mess.


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