GoDaddy Down

by duncanr

The domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy, is currently being ‘attacked’ by one of the group of hackers, known collectively as “Anonymous”

Millions of web sites hosted by GoDaddy are inaccessible.

The hacker is apparently based in Brazil and has made it known that this action against GoDaddy is his own doing – for reasons not yet fully explained – and not the responsibility of Anonymous

While Anonymous might have had some support when they were targetting dictatorships or big businesses, this action by one of their ‘members’, which has resulted in lots of ‘little people’ and small businesses unable to access their websites has seriously pissed off a lot of folk and likely lost Anonymous any goodwill they previously might have had amongst those currently affected by this action

More here –


One Comment to “GoDaddy Down”

  1. A DOS attack for seemingly no good reason, what a twit


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