Sleeping Beauty Awakes

by duncanr

A previous post in Madhatters (see drew attention to a ‘living art’ exhibition in the Ukraine’s National Art Museum in Kiev, in which 5 glamorous woman played the part of a sleeping beauty.

Visitors were invited to try and awaken the girls with a kiss – the catch being that they had to sign a contract beforehand promising to marry her if their kiss awoke her from her slumber

Well, the sleeping beauty is now awake. Rather conveniently, the kiss that awoke her was not from a man, but a woman. I say conveniently, because . . . Ukrainian law does not allow a woman to marry another woman – so no need to worry about that awkward marriage agreement signed on entry to the exhibition.

Discussing the outcome, the artist responsible for the Sleeping Beauty exhibit, Taras Polataiko, said

I hope it will generate the discussion about the gender relationships in this society, and hopefully it will influence it in the progressive way

Now it’s fortunate that I am not a cynical auld bugger, else I might be tempted to think that it was always the artist’s intention to spark a debate about same-sex marriage in the Ukraine and the sleeping beauty being awoken by a kiss from another woman was not a fortuitous occurrence but a planned event


2 Comments to “Sleeping Beauty Awakes”

  1. I was just a child when I first came across the story of Sleeping Beauty. If I recall correctly, she fell asleep due to a prick in her finger. Could have been worse, she could have lost all her teeth and gone blind.


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