Hillsborough Report

by duncanr

15th April 1989 sticks in my mind for a number of reasons . . .

I had a shag (and no it wasn’t my birthday), got blootered, and a lot of people died

It was a special day because me and the missus got married in the morning, then moved on to a hotel for a meal and a bevy with family and friends. Mid-afternoon, my sister and brother in law offered to look after the kids for a couple of hours while me and Anita nipped home to take the dogs out for a walk, consummate our marriage before we were both to drunk to do so, then get changed and rejoin the party later at the club down the road

Around the time we were at it like rabbits (I was a lot younger then, remember) . . . 96 Liverpool football fans were being crushed to death at Hillsborough. Inevitably there were investigations and inquiries into the cause(s) of the tragedy and the lessons to be learned to prevent a similar event happening again. The ‘official’ view pinned much of the blame for the tragedy on the behaviour of the fans themselves – though families of the victims and some of their supporters disputed this. Now, thousands of official documents made public for the 1st time yesterday, vindicate their stance – pointing to deliberate falsification of police reports aimed at minimising their role in the tragedy and seeking to shift the blame on to the victims themselves.

While the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has apologized to the victim’s families, the families deserve more than an apology. Those responsible for hiding the truth need to be held accountable and charged !

4 Comments to “Hillsborough Report”

  1. I was actually stood up and swearing at the TV yesterday, watching that mealy-mouthed bastard Cameron giving his belated excuse for an apology.

    Out of his mouth came such opportunistic bullshit that I was sickened and saddened. However, the one phrase that really made my blood boil was ‘new evidence’.
    There is no new evidence, you weasel-worded cunt: Nothing has just been uncovered.
    All this corruption, self-interest and lying has been known for years – presumably to every PM, Home Secretary and S. Yorks chief constable since the day the cover-up started.

    All that has happened now is that this has become known to the public. The bag is open, the cat is well and truly loose and has just crapped all over the establishment carpet.

    The unseemly scramble to apologise and appear shocked and saddened has become a priority for anyone involved. Even that twat McKenzie has apologised. Why? Why now? The lies printed and perpetuated by The Scum weren’t based on police corruption; they were founded on bastards like McKenzie and Murdoch boosting their egos, credentials and profits at the expense of the bereaved.

    Fuck off McKenzie – you were, are, and will always be beneath contempt.


  2. Well said Mic.

    Lying bastards the lot of ’em.

    That fucking redtop can apologise everyday till it gets fucking shut down, it won’t make a slightest bit of difference, it’s fucking scum and always will be. (sorry for the swearing)

    I ‘m still angry and upset today and then the friggin FA issued their bullshit of an apology!

    Words friggin fail me.

    Now for Justice.



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