Disappearing from a screen near you!

by NobblySan

Dear friends,

MrsT has already asked, and perhaps others will do the same, so I felt that a brief and wholly inadequate explanation was in order.

I’m afraid that NobblySan has had his day – I’m retiring him.

The once cheeky, vaguely lovable (if you’re that way inclined) little bloke has over recent months evolved into a rather obnoxious, pompous wee shite. In order to avoid embarassment for himself and others, he’s collecting up the toys that had earlier been chucked out of  his pram, and taking them home.

The roller shutter door may only be 1/3 the way up, but NobblySan has left the building.

Thanks to contributors past and present, and please continue to enjoy the blog.

Cheers m’dears,



27 Comments to “Disappearing from a screen near you!”

  1. 😯
    Well, I was going to ask, but Nobbly answered before I had a chance…
    This is the chap who, (along with ratty and sticky) has had me literally rolling on the floor in stitches.
    Well I guess it goes with the territory a bit – for every hill there’s a valley and all that. And, having recently ascended Mt Everest, what could be more irresistable than a plunge to the bottom of the Marianas Trench?
    I wonder if there’s a little bit of Mr Farthing in there, secretly enjoying his depression, and determined not to be cheered up, never !! ( But you’ll never beat Marvin the “electronic sulking machine” from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy )

    Well, “pompous wee shite” or whatever you’re called now, is this really the last we shall ever hear of NobblySan?


    • Cobblers – of course not! How can a comic genius (well, a PhD, at least) disappear off the face of the earth? The Nobs will be back, be sure of that! Maybe he’ll be in a different guise; maybe you won’t realise it is he, at first. But then there will be a flash in your mind, like a fleeting tantalising glimpse from a dream last night, that you hadn’t realised you’d had. You will pause momentarily, your chin cupped pensively in your fingers, then suddenly exclaim “Hey! That reminded me of… of… what was his name?”

      Allesklar, you flatter me so, to mention my name in the presence of these professors of the comedic muse. Where the fuck is that blushing emoticon…


  2. Duncan I just was on The Loons blog and you invited us (sort of ) to get the tits out in support of Kate but they didn’t fit on that little box so here they are for you. They are still on the small size but we can soon fix that.
    Come on media , cameras out and start clicking.


  3. Nope, not having that Nobbles!

    I am asking nicely …… no, sod that ….. I’m demanding ….. BRING BACK THE GRUMPY ONE !!!!

    We want Nobbly
    We want Nobbly
    We want Nobbly!


  4. And if you don’t come back soon I’m gonna fill the screen with the little yellow smilies you love to hate.

    ( wish I could remember how to do ’em)


    • hello MrsT,

      Typing smilies is very easy. For example –

      A ‘laughing’ smiley is typed like this – 😆
      A ‘blushing’ smiley is typed like this – 😳
      A ‘shocked’ smiley is typed like this – 😯

      I hope this helps…
      (Microsoft Tech Support)


  5. Well that’s very kind of you, allesklar, but usually when I hover my cursor ( how’s that for computer savvy) over the little yellow beings, it usuallys shows which thingies I have to use ….. and it ain’t doing so!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but how do you get that thingy after the r of your name?

    Hang on a minute pardners, is this it ……..*


  6. How can you just choose to disappear? That’s not something you can choose.You either disappear or you don’t. 😦


  7. You mean Nobbly isn’t a real person?


  8. I get stuck in the lab for 12 hour shifts, and I come back and learn that one of my favorite madhatters is performing a vanishing act. Nobbly can’t disappear! He can take a break- sure- but disappear?


  9. Nobbly, come back… right now or I’ll make you my test subject!


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