Shrien Dewani : Shrinks in Cahoots ?

by duncanr

Shrien Dewani stands accused of conspiring with others to arrange the kidnap and murder of his wife Anni during their honeymoon in S.Africa.

He has avoided extradition from the UK to answer these charges in a S.Sfrican court of law on the grounds of his unstable mental condition.

Now it appears the two supposedly independent psychiatrists who testified regarding his mental condition were anything but independent

Regular Madhattters contributor, allesklar posted the following comment this morning on an old thread on this subject.

I think it deserves greater prominence so am reposting it here

An update (by allesklar)

The upcoming court hearing on . . .Tuesday 18th September may put on the public record some astounding developments in this case. On 30th March this year, the High Court ruled on appeal that the extradition of Shrien Dewani be halted temporarily. The High Court ruling rejected all of Dewani’s the grounds for appeal, with the sole exception of his psychiatric health. In forming their opinion, the High Court judges relied heavily on a joint statement, dated 11th July 2011, prepared by expert witnesses Professor Nigel Eastman (appointed by the appellant) and Professor Michael Kopelman (appointed by the Government of South Africa).

It has since come to light, that the two supposedly independent witnesses had formed a business partnership, Forensic Psychiatry Chambers LLC, registered just ten days earlier on 1st July 2011. The British Crown Prosecutor’s Service has been investigating why the business relationship and potential conflict of interest was not declared to the court, neither at the initial hearing, nor through the appeals process. It is widely expected that the Crown Prosecutor’s investigation will feature prominently in the upcoming hearing.
Another expert, Professor M.A. Simpson, has expressed his views on the subject here:,76478.asp

One Comment to “Shrien Dewani : Shrinks in Cahoots ?”

  1. Hey, Allesklar, you haven’t commented on the latest news about Mr D.

    Now seems like a good time to give you a spooky anagram that I discovered last year, and that I don’t think I posted on MH:

    “He’s weird, Anni!”


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