Brothels for the Elderly

by duncanr

The chinese have a long tradition of respect and reverence for the elderly. They still have that respect, but changing economic pressures have enforced changes in the relationship between parents and offspring.

A recent survey by the China Research Center on Aging found that only 12% of 19,986 elderly people interviewed nationwide said they would be willing to stay in nursing homes – the vast majority wishing to stay in the neighbourhoods they were familiar with and be with their children. Sadly, few are able to enjoy that as more and more children are forced to migrate to other areas to obtain employment – 2010 figures showing 54 percent of elderly people in urban areas lived in “empty nest” families, while 45.6 percent of elderly people in rural areas lived alone.

Fortunately for those elderly living alone, there are “senior citizen recreation centers” which offer a wide variety of services to cater for their needs – see

Now if similar ‘recreation centres’ were available in the UK, I might look more favourable upon my own impending retirement years ! 😆


5 Comments to “Brothels for the Elderly”

  1. Something happens to my wife when we retire, might have to move.


  2. Vulnerable to bad influences.Lol that could be anywhere for old men !


  3. I have it on good autholity, that this post is the leal leason for the sudden disappealance of “NobbrySan”.
    Appalentry, he suddenry lemembeled whele he reft off rast time, and has rit out fol China befole they crose down arr the lest of the lecleation centle.


  4. It arso rooks rike, deal ‘latty’ has arso frown away, plobabry rooking fol a prayglound to lerease arr his innel desiles and ulges ?
    At reast he courd have said “failwerr”, befole he reft !


    • he has indeed ‘frown away’

      He’s frown as far as Aberdeen and is enjoying the delights of deep-fried mars bars, and pints of ‘heavy’ with his brother-in-law – a combination that is seriously affecting his ability to maintain an upright posture post comments to MH


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