Boom Boom Room Poop Deck

by duncanr

Visitors to the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor of the The Standard Hotel in New York are in for a surprise if they need to use the bathroom. The toilets have wall to ceiling windows which give wonderful views while doing your business.

You might want to bear in mind though that the glass is not reflective on the outside so folk in the street have a clear view of your bare arse as you sit on the loo

“I saw people waving at me! . . . . you don’t expect a public viewing!”, said one surprised visitor from Australia

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8 Comments to “Boom Boom Room Poop Deck”

  1. At last ! A bog which doesn’t discriminate against anal attentives !


  2. Hi, I’m staying at the Standard – look me up some time…


  3. allesklar*, I’m still snorting and sniggering after reading your comment. That, for me, is really on the money !

    MH rules !!!!


  4. Isn’t that the view from a fast-approaching aircraft?


  5. It’s actually very disappointing. How are we to judge what happens after the first flush? Where are the transparent sewer piping and external loud speakers required for the expert observer. The current arrangement may be alright if you’re only interested in the spray painting, but it simply won’t reveal the subleties of a good grog bog, bum rocket, or air turd.
    If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.


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