Mary Magdalene, Mrs Jesus ?

by duncanr

jesus and mary madgaleneThe basis of Dan Brown’s blockbuster book ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were more than ‘just good friends’ – that if not officially man and wife they were at least ‘fuck buddies’ and had a child (a girl) together.

This idea is deeply offensive to a large number of Christians, particularly the Catholic Church, who believe Jesus was celibate, and around the 4th century after his death decided to make celibacy a requirement of the priesthood – that priests might more closely emulate the life style of the Christ.

Official biblical texts make no mention of Jesus and Mary being ‘married’. The evidence of a special relationship between them is circumstantial . . . Jesus stoutly defended his friendship with Mary when challenged by his disciples. She was his companion in life and was there at the foot of the cross, remaining with him while his life slipped away. When he rose from the dead, it was to Mary that he appeared first. The special regard in which she was held by Jesus was noted by his disciples, who believed he loved Mary more than he did them.

Now, fragments of an old parchment appear to confirm Jesus and Mary were indeed a couple. In it, Jesus refers to Mary as his wife and says that they live together (see –

If authentic, this poses a bit of a problem for the Pope – but may be welcome news to many priests !] 😆


4 Comments to “Mary Magdalene, Mrs Jesus ?”

  1. My understanding was the reason Priests couldn’t marry was strictly a financial versus a religious one. Since they were using church property there were issues to how to deal with widows and their claims on things.


  2. Naw. It’s so that the bishops got to fuck the nuns, without having to kick some weasly monk or priest out of the cell first.

    The priests got to fuck the little boys.


  3. Maybe they were all correct ( in their own way ) and Jesus was gay.


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