Stone Skimming Stushie

by duncanr

There can’t be many folk who haven’t at one time or another thrown a flat-sided stone so that it skims the top of a stretch of water and counted the number of ‘bounces’ before it sank.

The World Stone Skimming Championship is held each year on Easdale Island off the west coast of Scotland (a place I know right well, having lived on the next island, just a stone’s throw away)

This year’s event is under threat, though, by a demand from the owner of the island that the organisers pay a hefty fee for the right to stage the event, and to take out expensive public liability insurance. To stage the event without complying with these demands will result in legal action being taken against them

The organisers have responded in the . . . time-honoured Scottish fashion by saying ‘Fuck you‘, confirming the will go ahead as originally planned (Source –

Here’s a couple of vids of previous years championships


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