Speling Wurds Rite

by duncanr

Am I the only one who has thought there is something not quite right with the heading to Nurse Shady’s column?

‘Send me your dilemmas’

dilemmas‘ ?

Every time I look at that word, it jars with me. Now I don’t have occasion to use the word very often but when I do, I spell it ‘dilemna‘. I was taught to spell it that way at school. It was one of those ‘trick’ spellings that often appeared in tests to catch out the unwary.

Turns out, however, that . . . Nurse Shady is correct and I’ve been spelling it wrong all my life. Seems I’m not alone though. There are lots of us who spell the word with an ‘mna’ ending rather than ‘mma’ and no-one know why (see http://www.dilemna.info/)


12 Responses to “Speling Wurds Rite”

  1. That’s one of life’s little problemns.


  2. There’s a mnemonic for it – Do It Like Everybody Memorises Mundane Aphorisms…



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