Zimbabwe Synchronised Flushing

by duncanr

No, it’s not a new Olympic sport

There’s a lot of shit clogging up the sewers in Zimbabwe and ‘Synchronised Flushing’ – all citizens to flush their loos at the same predetermined time – is the Government’s proposal to unblock the drains.

See – http://tinyurl.com/8hjbgl9

[if only it was as easy to shift the shits in Government!]


2 Comments to “Zimbabwe Synchronised Flushing”

  1. Shades of Flushed Away (the movie) where the Toad’s evil plan is to drown the entire sewer-dwelling rat population by opening a set of sewer flood gates during halftime of the FIFA World Cup, when of course the entire human population of London goes and visits the loo…


  2. Tomorrows news….water shortage


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