Midget Stripper : Nobbly Found

by duncanr

I arrived at work this morning to the news that my boss would not be in today. This, and today being one of the ‘girls’ 50th birthday, meant there was a more ‘relaxed’ atmosphere in the office than is usually the case. Indeed, cakes, biscuits, and loads of samosas at lunchtime created quite a party atmosphere. The conversation too covered areas not usually discussed when he’s around – dark-haired women recounting tales of their embarrassment on emerging from the sea whilst wearing white bikinis, another woman explaining . . . pampas grass in a garden is often a signal, to those who know, that swingers live at that address, and the other woman in the office talking about midget strippers

(we men in the office, of course, paid this female chatter no heed – keeping our mouths shut, and our heads down – trying to get on with our work!)

On the subject of midget strippers, regular Madhatters will know that our very own vertically-challenged diminutive Madhatter, Nobbly San, recently announced his intention to take a respite from the site. As luck would have it, in trawling the seedier sites on the internet tonight for material to post in Madhatters (it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it), I stumbled across Nobbly’s secret – the reason he has not been posting any material on Madhatters recently. And it’s not, as he’s explained in emails to me, because of a heavy workload. No the real reason the wee bugger hasn’t got the time to contribute to madhatters recently is because he’s too busy with his new job as an ‘adult entertainer’

Don’t believe me?

See for yourself

Check out . . . http://www.megalook.ru/schild.swf?namee=Nobbly+San


One Comment to “Midget Stripper : Nobbly Found”

  1. The little bugger’s been away so long, he’s forgotten how to spell his name!


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