Caption this . . .

by duncanr

Lest anyone think madhatters is favouring one political candidate over another after posting the Obama vid to motivate their support to get out and vote, the pic for today’s ‘Caption this ‘ post comes courtesy of the Republican Party

Can you suggest a suitable comment to caption this pic ?


6 Comments to “Caption this . . .”

  1. If you were ever in doubt about whether the majority of Republicans are racist, this poster should settle the question for you. Presumably it represents what Republicans believe.


  2. Are you a mind reader, Allesklar?

    If this was released in the UK, someone would be prosecuted for it.

    What a shower of backward twats these people are.

    Always assuming that the poster is for real, of course. It does date from 2009 , and wasn’t officially sanctioned by any party – right wing gun-toting nutters or otherwise.


  3. Oops, there was me trying to be even-handed by giving each political party equal cover in madhatters and I seem to have inadvertently opened the Republican party to a charge of selfish, racists who care little for the needs of the poor. That of course is a gross misrepresentation of the majority of republican supporters and was the furthest thing in my mind when I posted this pic here


  4. How about a caption:

    “Those repugnicans are really digging themselves one muthafucking big hole…”


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