Bodyguards couldn’t give a F*ck

by duncanr

Czezh President, Vaclav Klaus, might want to consider replacing his bodyguards

A man dressed in para-miltary uniform and carrying a hand-gun was allowed to get within 3 feet of the President during an official ceremony without being stopped. And when he fired several shots at the President (the bullets turned out to be plastic), no guard threw himself in front of Mr Klaus to save him from being hit. No guard tackled the gunman, who was allowed to calmly stroll away afterwards before being stopped and arrested. (



If this incident had happened in the USA, the ‘gunman’ would never have got that close to the President or if he had, would have been brought down in a hail of bullets the second he pointed a gun at him. Czech bodyguards obviously have a much more relaxed idea of their duties and responsibilities. Either that, or they do not consider they are paid enough to put their life on the line for the President ?


One Comment to “Bodyguards couldn’t give a F*ck”

  1. Is it just me – or does anybody else find that video vaguely reassuring?


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