Shake, Rattle, and Roll

by duncanr

couple making love in bed

Did the earth move ?

If scientists are to be believed we’re about to get “All shook up”

Seems there’s “Trouble’ ahead. The earthquake off the west coast of Indonesia in April was an even bigger f*cker than they had first thought.

“This is the story” – the scientific explanation is way “Up above my head” but what it boils down to is that the Indonesian earthquake triggered 4 other quakes and the reason there were no tsunamis was because the tectonic plates moved sideways rather than one underneath the other.

What has got the scientists “Indescribably Blue”, however, is that the quakes didn’t . . . occur at the edge where two separate quakes moved against each other but in the centre of a plate as one part moved westward and the other eastward

“Slowly but surely” the plate is splitting up – the two halves destined to go their “Separate ways”.

So “What Now, What Next, Where To?” you’re probably wondering. Well, you could just “Sit down, Cry”

On the other hand, while it’s just a “Matter of Time” before “There goes my everything” here’s some “Sound advice”

“Tomorrow is a long time” coming likely so “Until then” a “Little less conversation”. Grab the one you love and fire up “The Love machine”

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P.S. did I mention I’m going to an Elvis tribute concert in a couple of weeks time? 😆


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