Love Hurts (Part I of II)

by UniSciKill

“Love hurts,

but sometimes it’s a good hurt

and it feels like

I’m alive…”

Standing outside a set of double doors, I closed my eyes tightly as if an invisible force stabbed me. A sigh of frustration left my lips, and when I trusted myself to stay calm, I walked inside the university halls with a plastic smile. It didn’t take me long before I spotted her. I could always pick her out from a crowd. She was talking and laughing with Anna, her closest female friend, and hadn’t noticed me yet. I was content with standing here and admiring her from afar. The fear that she would sense what I felt kept me distant from her. I was going to walk away- I should have walked away- but her eyes met mine and I couldn’t tell you my name then if you paid me. Without wasting another minute, she rushed towards me and narrowed her eyes in my direction. I smiled because her angry expression was too adorable.

“Why didn’t you pick up any of my calls or text me back?”

I listened to every message and read every text. So, why didn’t I return any call or message? I didn’t have the strength, the will to return anything.

“C-congratulations… on your engagement.”

“Finally remembered, huh?”

I never forgot.

“Uh y-yeah, hey, I have to go… I’ve got this project and-“

“Oh no you don’t! Here, at least have this.”

She grabbed my hand and placed an ornate envelope onto my palm. I admired the smoothness and feel of her hand against mine before she pulled away.

“What’s this?”

I knew what it was but I wanted to stand next to her for as long as I could.

“My wedding invitation. You better come or else, okay?”

She was walking away and all I could think about was the burden in my heart. The burden of loving her and never letting her know. It was overwhelming me, and the mask I was wearing crumbled away. Before I could think my actions through, I ran and grabbed her hand. I yanked her inside an empty classroom and shut the door.


6 Comments to “Love Hurts (Part I of II)”

  1. This short story (or the part I’ve posted here) was inspired from a song and a true story.

    Here is the song:


  2. Love and hurt are intertwined – if you give your heart to someone, you give them the power to cause you hurt


    • Intertwined like spilt beer and a snooker cue?

      If you spill some bugger’s beer then hand him your cue while you mop it up, you give him the power to cause you hurt.

      Come to think of it – some of ratty’s lubricant might come in handy in this case as well.


  3. Eagerly anticipating the second half…
    Hmmmm…. going by the title, we’ve had the ‘Love’ part of the story, now will we get the ‘Hurts’ part ?


  4. Try a lubricant !


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