Men : Protect Your Nuts

by duncanr

There’s a very good reason why sportsmen protect their balls

the testicles are the most sensitive organs in a man’s body. “Any severe trauma or injury to the testicles can cause vasovagal shock, which can even lead to death (Dr Krishnakant Dhebri)

Sadly, 20yr old Gangaram Narsingh Ghadge found this out the hard way when his neighbour’s wife, Anguri Pawar, grabbed his balls

Full story here –


5 Comments to “Men : Protect Your Nuts”

  1. I don’t find this incident funny at all (surprised aren’t you?).

    The poor guy and his mother being abused and treated like that makes me sick.

    I want kick that woman in the vagina so hard that she winds up in the hospital.


  2. That’s why I always have my hand down my pants…protection


  3. wow didnt some guy in china die recently by getting his nuts squeezed…


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