Romney vs Obama

by duncanr

The general opinion (even amongst his own supporters) is that Obama delivered a poor performance in the 1st of 3 televised debates with Mitt Romney.

Romney has made such a hash of his campaigning so far that Obama ought to have wiped the floor with him, but the sucker never once raised any of the pre-debate embarrassing gaffes by Romney. And while the latter was lively and aggressive, Obama looked disinterested, staring at his feet most of the time, and (without an autocue) incoherent and stumbling in his words (click here).

If he is to do better in the remaining two debates his advisors need to . . . stick their toe up his arse and tell him to get out there and get his act together.

Here’s how the Taiwanese TV judged the performance of the two men

3 Comments to “Romney vs Obama”

  1. Who gives a shit? I mean, really….

    Two weasel-worded politicians from another country trying to influence a gullible electorate into valuing image over substance.

    Doesn’t everybody there know that it makes no difference to the vast majority of people who wins this farcical contest? They’ll still get shit upon from a great height irrespective of which of the two accomplished liars turns out to have the best spin doctors, the best scriptwriters and the most money to spend on rubbishing the other.


  2. I agree with you up to a point, Nobbly

    Yes, the american electorate will likely get a pile of shit heaped on them irrespective of who becomes the next president and regardless of what the candidates may have said/promised prior to being elected

    If american citizens were the only one’s being shat upon that would be fine and anyone living outwith the USA could rightly ignore the Presidential election there. The reality, though, is that the USA shits on a great many people around the world and as long as they keep electing ailing actors and genial idiots to the most powerful position in the world, folk everywhere are right to be concerned about who gets into the White House. And since our political leaders are only too willing to kiss any US President’s arse and slavishly drag the UK into supporting whatever foreign policy the USA embarks upon, I think we ought to be concerned about who’s going to be in charge over there for the next 4 years. Unless, of course, our political leaders develop some backbone and tell the USA we’ll support their foreign policy NOT unconditionally but only when we think they are right and will no longer give unstinting and uncritical support because of some mythical ‘special relationship’ between our two countries!


  3. I’ll see your “up to a point” and raise you an “ah…but”.

    My view on this election, as it is on ones in this country and many others, is that as long as they are from mainstream parties it doesn’t really matter who is in power, or who the suit on the podium is. They are all basically the same; following the same set of principles of governance that anyone with a bit of common sense and a decent education would follow. You’d have to be mad to veer too far off the straight and narrow where executive power is concerned. Which brings me on nicely to the non-mainstream parties – the nutters, the extremists, the religious fanatics, the white supremacists and neo-nazis, etc. etc. ad nauseum. It’s whenever these fucking idiots get a sniff of power that the trouble starts, but with the safe mainstream ones, the status quo is firmly nailed to the door of the oval office or No10, and things carry on as before.

    Remember when Obama was elected? things were going to be different – foreign policy, domestic policy, fiscal policy….all radically different,a dn the world was going to be a smashing place to live.

    Is it? No, is it hell.

    Why? Because it isn’t Obama who calls the shots, holds the purse strings or makes the decisions. It’s all the long-established , tried and tested offices and mechanisms that surround him. just as it is over here, where the commons can leave the PM looking as useless as a one-legged man in an arse kicking contest….. and long may it continue to be so.

    The day when one man is so important, is the day to look over your shoulder and worry whether you’re the wrong race, colour, religion, or ideology.

    So…. bollocks to the pair of them and their silly little TV shows. I neither like nor trust either of them. They’re politicians, and therefore not to be either liked or trusted.


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